Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's NOT a Diet... It's a Lifestyle Change

One of the problems I have with diets is that they are Diets! There is no diet that is going to be a magical cure for anyone ...at least not long term. The key, as many people have pointed out, is to make a lifestyle change in how you eat. In order to do that we have to be accountable somewhere,... somehow ...using something. I have resisted "food journaling" for years, however I thought maybe if I gave it a different name I might be able to trick myself into staying accountable. So, to that end, I have created this blog. I will not be journaling what I eat, I will be "blogging" about it! Sometimes it's the small details that make a big difference. I learned a phrase a few years ago: Perception is everything.

So...Day 1...I've been sick with a head cold and flu for a couple days therefore my appetite is not what it usually is. Seems like a good time to start this blog.

For breakfast today I had one slice of whole grain toast and 1 egg which I basted with water in a frying pan.

There is a big difference between "whole wheat bread" and "whole grain bread". you definitely want whole grain as your choice instead of whole wheat. Whole wheat is just white flour dressed up with a little wheat flour instead of using whole grains. And whole grain bread you can actually see the grains and they taste pretty good too.

Also, I learned yesterday, we do not want juice from concentrate. The reason for this is they extract the nutrients and the fiber and add sugar and water which kind of defeats the purpose. Here is a definition I found: " is made by reconstituting (adding water) to juice concentrate. Juice concentrate is the juice ingredient that has had most of the water gently removed from the juice under conditions to maintain the quality. ..."  Sounds like a lot of double talk to me, so if you're going to drink juice just make sure it is not juice from concentrate; check the label!

Question of the morning: what should I have for lunch? Please feel free to post a comment. I will leave comments "open" until someone abuses it... then I'll set it so they will have to be approved.. Let's be adults, ok?


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