Friday, November 27, 2015

Still November... and doin' Fine!

Here we are just a few weeks after my last post... I've got to find a way to remind me to post... not
sure what that can be... but... anyhooooo I am STILL on track! Since I got "Serious" I have lost (ready for it?.... ) 16 lbs!!!  YAY ME!!!  I EVEN got thru Thanksgiving and ate very little of each thing I liked... over did a LITTLE on the desserts.. but actually very proud of my control! So I just wanted to check in... and Stay Accountable!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

That was THEN, and This is NOW

Well, THAT was June... and THIS is November.  I actually ended up getting sick a week after that last post, and then spent July & August battling Pneumonia... ya, that was fun... Sept seemed to be clear... but Early October let me know it wasn't quite done with me yet. Sometime late in September? I think...  I had decided I'd had enough and walked back into Jenny Craig and said let's DO IT. So it's been maybe 4 weeks... I really should look up the date but I have stayed pretty "Jenny Craiged" (hey if Google can be a Verb... why not Jenny Craig?) and so far I am down almost 12 lbs... YAY ME! I just keep the next 2-3 lbs in sight... keep looking for it on the scale, and when I feel like eating something that will defeat that goal... I remind myself THAT is not the way to make that 'new number' appear on the scale... MOST of the time it works.... I am looking forward to new clothes... it's a carrot... 

Anyway, if you are thinking of trying Jenny... Do it!  I can tell you they do have great snacks!  (and unfortunately Snacks are a great incentive for me) LOL... my Evening Treat is a slice of Triple Chocolate Cheesecake with raspberries; it's the Best... maybe even cook down a few raspberries to create a sauce to drizzle over top.. and if you're not a cheesecake fan (???)... they have another yummy dessert... Chocolate Lava Cake! I have found if I take a frozen banana out and thaw it... it slices up nicely as a topping for that cake.

So, I'm keeping on track, and feeling good about it. Adding some biking here and there... I'll check back in next week... or next month.  :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Never Quit, just Re-start

OK... so today I am re-starting! I checked in at "Jenny" last night, there is a new manager, Sara... Hmm I forgot to ask if she spells it with an "h" on the end or not!... I'll find out. Anyway, she's very personable, understanding, empathetic... and competitive! We have a small wager as to who will lose more weight by next week... it's a Personal, on the side thing... nothing Jenny promotes or endorses..... but it will serve me well as incentive to stay on course this week... and the 1st few weeks are the most difficult to get back on that horse.

So today's breakfast was the 1 cup MultiGrain Cheerios with 1 cup milk (1% is what we have). I'll take some fruit with me, and I have some Lean Cuisine lunches at work in the freezer so I'll be ok until I can go buy some ground turkey to make my Yummmmy Turkey Burgers!

That's where I'm at!  Leave a note of encouragement below if you like, I can use all you can muster!...